Wednesday, October 22, 2008

About those Sunday morning glories

Posted in Life tagged at 12:06 pm by Elaine Petrowski

"Heavenly Blue"

Just in case you were wondering, the morning glories are the “Heavenly Blue” variety and my absolute favorite. I’ve planted them somewhere, every year, for at least the past decade.
One reason I think they are happy this year is the very sturdy lattice that allows them to climb up about 15 feet so their heads are in the sun all day. (Forget growing them in a pot– not enough soil to flourish in.)
And don’t bother saving the prolific seeds that are produced… they revert to that behind- the- garage- just- comes -up -every- year- purple morning glory, which is certainly a nice “volunteer”, but not nearly as amazing as these.
These were, I believe, from Renee’s Seeds and packed in a simple, black and white line-drawn envelope with the only spot of color a blue morning glory.

I fed these exactly 1X, back in July. They did not begin to bloom in earnest until late August. I’ll be so sad when the frost does get them.


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