Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fill the Obama suggestion box

Posted in Liberty tagged , , , at 5:23 pm by Elaine Petrowski

Today I stumbled on  Barack Obama’s transition web site where “we the people” are invited to fill out a form so that we can detail our vision for America in the future.

I must admit that the cynic in me pushed immediately to the foreground, mumbling under her breath, “What the …?  He doesn’t have any ideas of his own… so he’s asking us?  Uh-oh … not good. Didn’t he just get elected because he’s supposed to be the smart one?”

But I give her a cup of coffee, push her into a chair and tell her to be quiet. And the hopeful me marvels joyously, giddily even, at this apparent fact: Read the rest of this entry »