Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Took Thanksgiving Off the Table?

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Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Is it my imagination, or are we rushing the Christmas thing just a bit more than usual this year?

I first noticed it the day before Halloween, when I visited a local nursery to find some pumpkins and gourds… and they were gone. Everyone who was working there was too busy to stop and ask me what I was searching for. They were all unpacking cartons and decorating Christmas trees …. on October 30.

A few evenings later I was driving a car full of people just as dusk was settling in and a misty drizzle fell. Of necessity I was so focused on the road that I traveled several blocks into town before I realized WHY the streets were so darn BRIGHT, even on this rainy night. Englewood was all decked out in its twinkling  Christmas lights… on November 5.

Last night, as I  once again joined the ranks of the slack-jawed in front of the TV, I couldn’t help but notice the ads for The Radio City Christmas Show,  along with jewelry and toy stores. It was then that I realized I’ve already heard the ads so many times I can recite them word-for-word…on November 20.

And yet, nary a word about Thanksgiving, little more than a week away.

Are retailers so worried we slacker consumers won’t spend enough to keep them afloat that they must rush us past Thanksgiving, a thoughtful and relatively non-commercial, family-centered holiday, to get to the  real prize — the Christmas Shopping Season?

Christmas Lights


  1. Dee said,

    We seem to start “celebrating” Christmas earlier and earlier each year complements of the merchants in our area. This year, I actually saw Christmas items in the stores well before Halloween!

  2. Jim said,

    Hey. This struck a cord with me. I was walking through Walmart in our small military town JUST before Halloween and as I walked through the Halloween costumes, I was serenaded by Christmas music. Hummm.

  3. Linda said,

    Ok, so it’s not just me noticing the rush-the-season phenomenon!!! I was amazed (more like outraged) to see a nursery putting up their giant Xmas tree and Santa on top of their building on Oct 31.

    I can’t tell if it’s a reaction to the economy as in an attempt to put people in a happier state of mind or trying to draw out the selling season since retail sales will certainly be down this year.

    I refuse to put up one decoration until Dec. 1. Anyone want to join me on that pledge?

  4. Elzy said,

    I just walked through Nordstrom in White Plains, which had signs displayed saying the store wouldn’t decorate for Christmas till after Thanksgiving, so we could all focus on one holiday at a time. Sounds good to me.

    On the other hand, Home Depot was playing Christmas tunes in mid-October when I was shopping for bulbs. I bought fewer bulbs than I’d intended, since the bad canned “music” put me in the “Get me the %&$#!!! out of here” frame of mind.

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