Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted in Pursuit of Happiness tagged , , , at 8:24 pm by Elaine Petrowski

What are you grateful for?

for the thanksgiving table

on our Thanksgiving table

Here’s a fun way to wile away a few minutes just before drifting off to sleep the night before Thanksgiving, or any other night, for that matter. Try coming up with an alphabetical list of things you are grateful for.

Don’t think too hard. Just mentally stroll through the alphabet and write down the first thing, or things, that pop into your head.

Here’s my list:

Andrew, Addie, air conditioning, autumn, babies, bees, the beach, books, Carolyn, coffee, chocolate, computers, daughters, dancing, exercise, email, friends, family, fountains, fireplaces, gardens, gloves, honey, handbags, ice cream, Italy, Joe, Julie, J.V., knitting, kids lavender, lilies, lotus, music, money, Mom, naps, oceans, oatmeal cookies, peonies, pizza, quilts, roses, rain, red, sisters, snow, showers, swimming, teeth, toast with cinnamon, tomatoes, umbrellas, voting, Venice, water, writing, walking, work, x- the toughest one, yarn, zzzzz’s ( lame, I know!)

What’s yours?

We ate (almost) the whole thing.

We ate (almost) the whole thing.

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