Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who Has the Oldest Spices Out There?

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Baking up some gingerbread cookies? Mixing up some eggnog? Here’s some useful info to potentially improve the results.

A friend recently sent a link to McCormick spices,  where you can find out exactly when the spices in your cabinet were minted.  At the risk of having everyone I know afraid to eat at my house, I’ll  admit I possess – I kid you not – spices that  predate …  um … let’s see … the Millennium?  The Lewinsky Affair?  My  nephew Paul, who is currently in his second year of law school?

Before you get all smug on me, go find out how old the spices in your cabinet are (at least for McCormick spices) when you have an idle moment or two. Then post your oldest spice date in the comments section below.  Shortly after the  New Year, I’ll post my codes and the dates and we’ll see who wins. ( And no cheating. You may be asked to verify with the code.)

A treasure trove of antique spices. Are yours even older?

A treasure trove of antique spices. Are yours even older?

FYI: I’ve always  HATED  the taste of cloves. So could someone please explain why I am harboring , not one, but two, “tins” (hint)  that will soon qualify as archeological finds or at least tickets of entry to “Antiques Roadshow” ?

Oh, and happy holiday baking.  With all new spices, I hope.


  1. Elaine said,

    well, just check if you have any tins… then you’re automatically admitted to the 15 year club!

  2. Jim said,

    I dare not look.

  3. melabee said,

    But……..I love the tins!

  4. do you mean the striped stuff that was about one-inch wide and usually green and red and white?

    if so, YUCK — I do remember it.. with great distaste. And for a kid to not like candy, you know it had to be bad.

    Was that flavor cloves? I always thought “spearmint”, which is another one I don’t care for one bit!

    I’m not baking anything because, like you, I picture the hours on the elliptical trying to pry it off. (Unfortunately that does NOT mean I won’t eat what others bake! But it does lessen the magnitude of crimes against diet.)

  5. susan andrews said,

    Elaine…. what are you baking this Christmas??

    Do you remember the old ribbon candy and hard candy from when you

    were a kid…and it tasted like cloves ??

  6. susan andrews said,

    In the 50’s they must have had Aqua Velva as well as Old Spice.. didn’t they?

    I haven’t gone through the spices as of yet.. it may have to wait a bit longer.

    I’m not baking for Christmas so it doesn’t matter much. If I bake… I eat and

    then I just have to workout more. But I am sure I have some oldies.. but

    nothing as old as 1984… because I got a divorce in the late 80’s and threw

    out many things out during that time… clean slate… felt really good!!

  7. Elaine said,

    You mean I won’t be able to leave them to my grand kids?

  8. Kris said,

    5:21 PM

    Hey, Elaine, toss the poppy seeds. They get rancid quickly.

  9. Elaine said,

    That’s funny… my Dad wore it too. We bought it for him every Christmas…Or was it the only cologne available in the ’50s?

  10. Old Spice is one of my favorite colognes. Reminds me of my dad.
    But, the oldest spices I can prove are caraway seed from 1984. I know I have some spices from 1970 but they are Army issue with no date. We left Germany and the service after that.
    I have this extra time because we have received 20 inches of snow since yesterday. Until the plows come through, not even my Subara Outback with all wheel drive is going anywhere. We may be on Christmas break already. Rural areas are the last to be plowed out. That’s me. But the sledding is great!

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