Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prescription Plan Insanity –What the Hell?

Posted in Life tagged at 7:34 pm by Elaine Petrowski

So… you think we don’t need some health care /prescription plan reforms?  Listen to this one.  Catch-22 at its best.

Not long ago, like the health care consumer I’m exhorted to be,  I  visited the dermatologist and received, among other things, a prescription to fill, if I cared to. Nothing major, nothing life-threatening, nothing serious — just a few small, occasionally itchy toes.

After hemming and hawing a bit about the necessity for all this ( I don’t like to take an aspirin!)  I decided, ‘what the hell’ and mailed in a prescription to our  “plan.”  And lo and behold, yesterday, like magic, I received, by mail,  a huge 90-gram tube of  ointment…. along with an invoice  for (drum roll, please)  SEVENTY DOLLARS — $70 to get rid of a teeny, tiny bit of sometimes, maybe, itchy skin?

This toothpaste-tube sized package, and more to the point, the  insane amount of money it cost, prompted me to  spend about forty-five minutes on the phone just now,  trying to find out why on earth the company sent me 90 grams, when, according to the pharmacist ( one of five… count ’em ..five… humans I was compelled to speak with, in addition to two (or was it three?) automatons to find out that said ointment is available in 15, 30 and 60 gram tubes. The good doctor apparently didn’t specify a size, according to the pharmacist.  “So,” I innocently inquired — “wouldn’t  one of those smaller amounts  have sufficed? Who was it then, that decided I needed 90 grams of this stuff?”

Oh …and wouldn’t it be  LOGICAL to assume that  30 grams would cost about one-third  of what 90 grams cost? Read the rest of this entry »