Friday, January 2, 2009

Am I an Old Fogey?

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Have I actually become the old fogey I’ve long feared I would?  Or do I just need to “bust out” my attitude?

This may take some explaining. Here goes:

The one aspect of a long car ride alone that I thoroughly enjoy is programming my own audio. Nothing fancy. I simply use the scan button to find a radio station that offers one of the following:

A) My usual fare, public radio.

B) Anything BUT my usual fare, public radio.

C) One thing you actually CAN NOT GET in New York  City and environs, i.e., Country Western music. (I know, I know.  Can you BELIEVE it? Some brainiac decided to kill the last station in NYC about five years ago.)

I  have always had a fondness for CW music — the heartfelt sentiments, catchy (some  might say mindless) tunes and clever lyrics.  My all-time corny favorite:  The Bellamy Brothers- “If I  Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?”

But I digress.

On a recent 6-hour long trip up Route 95 from Arlington, VA to northern NJ,  I blissfully trawled the stations as I drifted out of the airwaves of one city into another– DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton. In the process I enjoyed such cultural and musical diversities as  Mike Doughty’s ” 27 Jennifers” and John Legend’s If You\’re Out There

But one offering, while admittedly a catchy, tango-inspired tune, just plain stood my hair on end. It  got me to wondering if this is how my own grandparents felt the night Ed Sullivan introduced Elvis or John, Paul, George and Ringo?

This little ditty was  entitled.. I kid you not … ” Bust The Windows Out  Ya’ Car “

Please take a few minutes to listen and tell me: Have I  just slipped irretrievably over the hill?

Or do you agree that this is a somewhat scary and terribly anti-social topic to be

A) Singing about?

B) Admitting publicly, and to thousands of listeners, that you took part in?

C) Somehow suggesting is OK because he “deserved it”?

And do let me know your thoughts, via the comments below.