Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now? Join the Hang-Up-and-Drive Movement

Posted in Life tagged at 4:51 pm by Elaine Petrowski

Ok,  so it’s not an official movement yet. But it can be if you all get with it and join me in supporting the National Safety Council’s call to ban all cell phone use in cars.  And pass it on by sending this posting and links to a few like-minded friends. (Yes, shameless blog promotion, I know.)

Click here to go to a site that offers  several Hang up and Drive bumper stickers and the html code  for the nifty little widget to the right. ( No, I don’t know who they are or make any money from the suggestion.  And yes, I do have one of the bumper stickers. That’s my bumper in the photo.)  If you don’t like the sticker offered on the home page at this site, just look just below it to the link.

And here’s a link to The New York Times article that delves into some of the research behind the proposed ban with additional links embedded there to take you to the research.

So join in. Get a bumper sticker and start talking it up. Write to your congressional representative and your governor. As mentioned in the previous post,  I did write to Jon Corzine, asking him to be THE FIRST governor to sign the proposal into law since he almost” bought  the farm”  due to cell phone use (and speeding and no seat belt … DUH!)  in his car.

And if you send me a photo of your car with your hang -up- and- drive bumper sticker,  I’ll post it here.


  1. Just today had a woman in the local library parking lot STOP to ask me where she could get a “Hang Up and Drive” bumper sticker. Did you get yours?
    see the link to the site in the right hand column.

  2. yep, being tied to technology is not always a good thing…especially for your kids.

    I recently saw a little boy of about 9-10 riding his bicycle, holding the handle bar with one hand while he talked on his cell phone with the other. Probably a lesson he learned from his parents talking while driving the car.

  3. Jim said,

    I agree with you on the cell phone in a car. I have the hands free cell phone via OnStar. I talk it up through the car and not some small hard to hold device stuck to my head with one hand and steering with the other. I’ve almost been hit several times over a conversation in some other car.

  4. Carol Kershaw said,

    As possibly the last person on earth over the age of 11 who does not have a cell phone, I agree whole heartedly with this campaign.

    But for me an additionally important campaign would be one that discourages parents from talking on their cell phones while they ignore opportunities to talk with their children. Moms who pick up their darlings in the Kindergarten carpool line and continue their cellphone conversations while ignoring the excited child who has brought home the best ever painting; the dad seen spending quality time with his kids at their favorite lunch spot who answers at least three phone calls during the meal and subsequent playtime; the parents who attend the family picnic at church and proceed to talk on the phone while others play with their children etc. etc. My theory is that if many parents actually talked and listened to their children a fraction as much as they talk and listen on their cell phones they all would be better off!

  5. well, thank you!- wish I’d seen your site before I bought my last phone!

  6. Eric Lee said,

    Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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