Friday, March 27, 2009

The World is UGLY … So Why Not Wear UGLY Shoes?

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It’s not bad enough around here these days, what with all the incessant gloom and doom about the economy dragging us down. To top things off,  it now looks like you can’t buy a decent pair of shoes this spring… even if you do have the money. Macy’s, Barney’s, Bloomie’s, Shoebuy–makes no difference. They’re all participating.

In what appears to be a random act of terrorism, (or is it misogyny?) someone drugged, hypnotized or clubbed the collective creative shoe design genius of the world. And now it seems, as a result of that heinous act, the shoe creators have all, as if of one mind, decided that 2009 must be the year of the really ugly shoe.

Have you noticed them?  Fringed, ankle-high, platform-soled boots… with the toes cut out? They look like something Cro-magnon Man’s mom would have fashioned from a woolly mammoth hide. Or what was left of the last Christian after the lion returned to his den.

I’m well beyond the stage where I’m trying to keep up with fashion by replacing my shoes just to be stylish. But a new pair of  shoes does tend to lift my spirits,  as well as my wardrobe.

But, I’m thinking … not this year.

Who wants these?  Or perhaps these?  These seem to be recycled from tires, which fits my goals for  sustainability. But for my wardrobe… not so much.

Or my very favorites, the “why-not-fracture-an-ankle-and-empty-your-bank account-at-the-same-time” sandal.

And WHAT is the message here to women?

“No  job?  Then why not launch a new career as a lady-of-the- evening? We have just the shoe for you.”

“You can’t run away from reality, so don’t even try? Buy these instead and truly waste your last cent?”

“Gird yourself for fashion war?”

Or simply,  “The world is ugly, so why not wear really ugly shoes?”

I  just don’t get it.  Do you?


  1. elzy said,

    Unfortunately, I was coming from an event that required “real” shoes, hence the sore feet. They were relatively sensible shoes, compared to what I used to wear, but they certainly didn’t fit like they used to. My feet have either grown, or just relaxed.

  2. Please tell me you were wearing your Crocs?
    Years ago a friend and I labeled the kind of shoes shown in this post “stupid shoes.” Now, there are all kinds of feminist analysis of this type of footwear, but it all boils down to two important things:
    Your feet are GUARANTEED to hurt in these… if not today, then tomorrow.
    You can’t run in this kind of shoe if your life depends on it…. which in fact, it very well could.

  3. elzy said,

    When walking around Midtown recently, practically every woman I saw walked as if her feet hurt. Of course, I was one of them — years of wearing Uggs and Crocs while working at home have probably added a size or two to my feet, and I’m not about to buy new shoes.

  4. you’re one of the least “old ladies” I know!
    And I’m with you on the comfort.

  5. Those sandals look like the sadist side of a sadomasachistic relationship. I have taken to wearing comfortable old lady shoes. But wait…. I am an old lady. Comfort first, I say.

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