Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So…What’s on Your Bucket List?

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You know … that list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”?

It helps to take them out of the closet first.

It helps to take them out of the closet first.

Okay… I’ll start, but then let’s hear from you lurkers out there on this one… share some of the top items on YOUR bucket list. ( You know who you are!)

Here goes:

(I note a common thread of travel through these, which does not surprise me in the least.)

1. Visit the towns my father walked through as an infantryman during World War II- they would be France, Germany, Luxembourg and Czechoslovakia. ( Happy Birthday, Dad. He would have been 85 today!)

2. Meet all my great grandchildren.

3. Go  to each of the 18 states I’ve not been to…yet.  (I could cheat and make the list shorter, but  just an airport doesn’t count.)  Michigan, North Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Oklahoma ,Utah, Nebraska, North and South Dakota and Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.

4. Own, and know how to competently use, a kayak. ( NOTE: This does NOT imply there will be any white water rafting. This means quiet water kayaking.)

5. Research the rest of my family tree.

6. Knit just one sweater that really looks great on me…. and that I LOVE to wear.

7. See the Northern Lights.

8. Master watercolors. Ok, maybe master is a bit strong, but at least use them occasionally? And taking them out of the closet is a good first step, don’t you think?

Okay lurkers … your  turn.  It’s simple… Just click on the word “comment” below.


  1. I have no doubt that you’ll do the short story… and why bother with the closets?
    I can help you with the knitting… I’m involved with a group that will be doing a Fiber Fest first weekend in October… think where will be knitting lessons, too.
    hmmmm, I might need to add the Greek Islands to my list…

  2. Pat said,

    Well, let’s see if I can remember them all —

    I want to see Indonesia, particularly that place in Eat Love Pray.
    Learn to knit
    Take a helicopter ride over Manhattan at night
    Slide down the water chute at Atlantis in the Bahamas
    Write a short story and get it published
    Go back to the Greek Islands
    Get rid of the clutter in my closets (nah, what am I thinking?)

  3. well, we can plan a trip to Spokane and while we are there, plan another for the south… let’s talk dates… early September?
    I love the “live fully” — you are so right on that.
    take care,

  4. Laurie Staley said,

    SO a biggy on my bucket list is to get my cousins to come visit us in Spokane.
    I also want a cruise on the Mediterranean.
    I want to live to see my kids and grandkids being successful.
    I want to learn to quilt….properly.
    I would like to make another high school class reunion.
    I want to visit the deep south like Mississippi.
    I want to live life fully and die quickly. Not into pain or dementia.
    I really don’t have a lot of wants since I have been blessed to do so much already.

  5. Wow — who knew? Can I go shopping with you?

  6. Colleen said,

    WHen you try a kayak, try an ocean one and one that is designed for a woman. They are amazing and and easy and have better balance. Also get or use a lightweight paddle. Makes a big difference on how tired you get and how quickly.

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