Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exactly Why Caller ID Was Invented

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PICT7376.JPG One “rule of life” is to never, ever, not ever, not even once, answer a phone call unless you know, or at least think you know, who the caller is. Why else have caller ID?  (How did we EVER live without it?)

That’s why it’s so hard to explain what led me to pick up that call… the one that roped me into collecting funds from my “neighbors” for some ostensibly good cause.

A few days later, as promised, a fat envelope arrived. It was filled with smaller color-coded envelopes I was supposed to stuff and stamp and send to my “neighbors”, including some who might as well live in Timbuktu for all the personal contact I’ve ever had with them.

I don’t know what possessed me (my passive-aggressive side? volunteer burnout? absent mindedness? That horrible virus that laid me low for most of February?) but, when the envelope arrived, I deliberately shoved  it into “the pile,” where I knew it would promptly and totally be forgotten. When opened, in a fit of rainy day desk cleaning just last week, the collection deadline had passed two months ago.

And if that isn’t bad enough, now I face an additional quandary.

Should I throw away all those little pink and beige envelopes they sent me, doubling the weight of my thoughtless, unfulfilled  promise by contributing to the landfill, my carbon footprint, and thus to global warming?

Or keep (read: steal)  the envelopes and use them, so at least they don’t go to waste?

(And if you have any doubt that I went to Catholic school, read this.)

What would you do?

What do you think I did?



  1. Dee said,

    Well, you could send the charity a small check as long as you know it is a bonafide charity and then use the envelopes guilt free! I avoid collecting/contributing to charities unless they are local and can be verified as real charitable organizations. This works for me and I find I don’t have to feel guilty about it. If you don’t have the spare time to verify a charity is on the up and up then just use your caller ID and ignore them and donate to your favorite local charities.

  2. Liz said,

    I did this kind of fundraising ONCE – now I say no. And I have to say I resent when I get these from neighbors. I feel manipulated by the charity and the neighbor- – because the contribution goes to the charity through the neighbor. Talk about peer pressure. Well guess what – that peer pressure no longer works me – I don’t collect for charities and I don’t give to charities that way.

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