Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What’s Up With All the Noise?

Posted in gardening, Life, Pursuit of Happiness, sustainability tagged , , at 11:02 pm by Elaine Petrowski

Close your eyes and imagine, if you will:

An incessantly barking dachshund, tied in the adjoining backyard for hours, (yip, yip, yip …..yip, yip, yip….yip, yip, yip…yip,yip,yip.)


Tricyrtis or toad lilies in my garden last Fall.

What seems like at least a dozen consecutively run, gas-powered  lawnmowers.

A landscaper, cleaning up after a weed wacker with a leaf blower.

A  neighbor washing rocks (I swear) with a power washer.

A radio, blaring a baseball game.

Assorted  high-pitched, whining, woodworking  tools, at a distance.

A baseball pitching machine.

A tinny “Turkey in the Straw”, played over and over and over, by  an ice cream truck  s-l-0-w-l-y meandering the neighborhood.

All this, and more, was the background noise for a  Sunday afternoon spent in my suburban garden.

Do you think it would be ok to suggest that “they” arrange to all make  noise  at the same time and get it over with, so that I could have an hour or two of QUIET to listen to the wrens singing and hear only the bees buzzing and the fountain splashing and the leaves blowing in the breeze?

Nah …I don’t think so either. But I can dream, can’t I?



  1. wow, Elzy — you have the noise in stereo and duplicate.
    yes, I much prefer the sound of a metal leaf rake scratching than I do the leaf blower, which is just downright loud and annoying and has no charm at all.

    I fondly remember the gentle whirring blade sound of a rotary lawnmower from my childhood. It went along with Saturday mornings, and that cut grass smell. And it didn’t give off fumes like a gasoline powered mower.

    and the Prairie was wonderful… but hot!

  2. Elzy said,

    Not to sound like a complainer, but I’ve noticed car and plane noises when horseback camping in Canyon de Chelly, Ariz., which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was surprised rather than annoyed to hear the intrusion of “civilization” — hard to gripe during a week in paradise.

  3. susan andrews said,

    Maybe you need to come back to the Kansas Prairie.. where none of those noises will be there..You’ll just listen to the wind of the Rockies.

  4. Elzy said,

    Sounds familiar. I love transcribing interviews and hearing the neighbors’ dog barking outside the window *and* on the recording. Last fall I raked my whole yard in the time it took another neighbor to blow the leaves from his much smaller one.

    Still, it’s way quieter than when I lived in the Bronx.

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