A native New Yorker, working writing woman, aka Elaine Martin Petrowski, is a freelance writer and award winning author, who moved one state westward and now resides in, and actually likes, New Jersey. (Take that, Jay Leno.)

This blog is her attempt to find and nurture her muse, to share insights on whatever strikes her fancy on any given day, to maintain her (mostly) good humor, and to thoroughly enjoy herself while exercising the writing muscle.

If you enjoy the posts, subscribe via one of those  buttons at the top right and/or  interact by leaving a comment at the end of any post. You will be acknowledged.

And please, do pass this blog onto others who might enjoy.

Be well.


  1. Kevin said,

    I just saw your article on AARP. Nice work!

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  2. susan andrews said,

    I think you should have a place to have your blog sent out to your readers..automatically. That way you also know how many readers you have.

    Have fun with this… You have a great voice. ( of course I might be a little prejudice). S

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