Monday, October 6, 2008

Fear of blogging? You betcha.

Posted in blogging tagged , at 6:31 am by Elaine Petrowski

How does a working writing woman explain her reluctance to blog?  Isn’t blogging the way to make contact and to converse in the 21st century? Blogging is, after all, a showcase for your work and a way to connect to the wider world. The ability to blog shows you are still of this universe and can keep up with technology. And everybody’s doing it. Just today I learned that there are something like a billion blogs currently posted.

So why not me?  Simple. Because I learned the hard way, and at an early age, never to put anything in writing that I didn’t want the whole wide world (or at least my mother) to potentially see. According to my life rules, that means you do NOT pour your secret, tender, intimate thoughts into a diary or a journal, even if it does have a cute little brass lock and key. Nor do you even consider writing of your broken heart  and shattered dreams (not to mention self-esteem) in a letter to an ex. And you do not pass hastily scribbled notes in a crowded, Catholic school classroom in Queens, NY.

I think my mother might have been the first adult to utter those wise, warning words to me.  But they didn’t mean a lot until a shining, glorious spring day in eighth grade when I disregarded them and put something in writing. “Something” being the name of the one boy in my class who set my 13 year- old heart aflutter.

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