Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Really Is On The Way

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A  Mama Bear and her  cubs were spotted crossing a nearby major  highway yesterday.

Though the snow created some amazing images this winter, like many, I'm longing for Spring to arrive this year.

The edges of the lake are flowing water, not ice, today.

Daffodil sprouts are now five inches high in my garden.

Spring arrives in 16 days according to the calendar.

Do you think the piles and mounds of dirty snow will be all gone by then?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A glorious autumn in New York/New Jersey

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Here’s a momentary respite from all the frazzle.

I took these at The New York Botanical Garden, on a sunny, October Sunday. Autumn might be my favorite time of year here in the Northeast. and this year has been just exceptionally … well…  electric, breathtaking, blazing.  And it’s almost gone now.

For some reason posting these they made me think of a former boss who offered some fairly blistering critiques of my trade show (scintillating subject, eh?) shots.  My only comment to him: ” Just where on my resume did you see the word ‘photographer’? ”


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