Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is it just “mischief” or is it vandalism?

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Something’s been on my mind for a few days but I’ve been reluctant to share for fear of sounding like the wicked old witch at Halloween.

But maybe because the evidence has refused to blow, or wash away in some rain, as I hoped it would, and  maybe because I spent part of this golden and glorious autumn afternoon cleaning up streamers of toilet paper, it won’t let me go until I have my say.

And that’s right. I did say  “toilet paper”.  I gathered it up in 10- foot-long streamers from the shrubs and leaf piles in front of our home and from the side yards of the neighbors that face us.

“Toilet paper?  Why on earth is she cleaning up streams of toilet paper, ” you might be asking?

I ask that too. And I’ve asked that every year since I moved to New Jersey.

jack-o-lantern at the New York Botanical Garden

jack-o-lantern at the New York Botanical Garden

Call me crazy, but where I come from, in the 105th precinct, at the far eastern edge of Queens, NY festooning the neighborhood bushes and trees with unfurled rolls of toilet paper, pelting parked cars and houses with eggs, or covering them in shaving cream, or trespassing onto a neighbor’s front porch to steal, and then smash, their holiday pumpkins would have most certainly been defined by the NYPD ( not to mention my parents!) as VANDALISM, not mischief. Read the rest of this entry »