Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recycle Your Old Shoes-Unless They Add Chocolate, This Can’t Get Any Better

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Here’s a great way to clear out some closet space with a clear conscience, do a good deed and get a receipt for your income taxes in the process.

You all have them. Those several pairs of  shoes you never wear… but can’t bring yourself to throw out?

The fashion faux pas shoes. The  gee-when-did-my-feet-grow shoes? And those cool cross-trainers that gave you dime-sized blisters both times you wore them.

New shoes. (Courtesy of

New shoes. (Courtesy of

Some of the shoes has collected went to tsunami survivors and to those who lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. Others go to the homeless, or to shelters for battered women, or to hospitals. Way better then going to waste in the landfill.

And Soles4Souls will happily accept not just your shoes, but the gently-used shoes and boots your toddlers have outgrown, your teenager will no longer leave the house in, or that just plain hurt your  husband’s feet.

Click here for your closest Soles4Souls drop-box location.

Quick, easy, painless sustainability and recycling. By my reckoning, unless you add chocolate to this deal, it just doesn’t get any better.

See an earlier, related post on sustainability.

And then do a good deed for your shoe-aholic friends by passing this post onto them.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The World is UGLY … So Why Not Wear UGLY Shoes?

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It’s not bad enough around here these days, what with all the incessant gloom and doom about the economy dragging us down. To top things off,  it now looks like you can’t buy a decent pair of shoes this spring… even if you do have the money. Macy’s, Barney’s, Bloomie’s, Shoebuy–makes no difference. They’re all participating.

In what appears to be a random act of terrorism, (or is it misogyny?) someone drugged, hypnotized or clubbed the collective creative shoe design genius of the world. And now it seems, as a result of that heinous act, the shoe creators have all, as if of one mind, decided that 2009 must be the year of the really ugly shoe.

Have you noticed them?  Fringed, ankle-high, platform-soled boots… with the toes cut out? They look like something Cro-magnon Man’s mom would have fashioned from a woolly mammoth hide. Or what was left of the last Christian after the lion returned to his den. Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proof of a recession?

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I live in an affluent town in Bergen County, New Jersey that’s known locally as a shopper’s dream destination. Great for the business owners, but annoying as hell if you live here and must pick up a prescription or get to your haircut appointment on time. (And yes, I do make every effort to support the local businesses and stay “off the highway”.)

The town is attractive and features a walkable shopping district with several one-of-a kind gift and specialty shops, boutique clothing and jewelry stores, chains like Gymboree, Chico’s and the Gap, and the ubiquitous Starbucks, along with far too many restaurants, nail salons and banks.

The resultant shopper’s congestion and snarl are so time-consuming that I’ve long considered errands in town, especially at lunch time or on weekends, a kind of hell-on-earth. Real-life rule #39: Any errands I carry out in my hometown must be conducted during the week, preferably in the hours before school lets out, when the fleet of moms in their  huge SUVs, who insist on driving while talking on their (illegal) hand-held cellphones (another topic), are still at home or at work.

This much-exalted consumer’s mecca has been not-quite-served by insufficient metered street parking, several municipal parking lots, and on busy weekend nights, valet parking for the restaurants. On a busy day, especially around the lunch hour, it’s not unusual to drive around the block four or five times, or to sit in the aisle of one of the lots waiting for someone to leave, before lucking into a spot to stash your car. Read the rest of this entry »